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Letter from the President of the General Assembly

In the words of George Monbiot " The only thing that can replace a story is a story ", After The financial crisis of 2008, a lot of us have been left wondering what's next, who is the hero that defeated the villain and who is this mysterious figure that is going to lead us into the modernization era. Now for us, it seems that the recently defeated neo-liberalism is an immortal ideology that's never going to leave and is the only way to progress into modernization, but with the rise of a new generation, a generation that grew up under a fragile economy, decays long disputes, and safety threats even within their own homes because of unauthorized weaponry, this idea of immortalization is slowly but surely starting to fade away. This generation is determined to get results no matter what it takes. They have made it their long life goal to resolve decays of dispute in hopes of finding the peace and prosperity they have never gotten the chance to taste and are keen on building a world where we prevent making the same mistakes like the ones we inherited.

Here we invite you to join us in creating our own story engraved with equality, equity, justice and peace where everyone's voice matters.

Mohamad Hachem
PGA of SafirMUN