Who are we?

Safir International School is a multicultural based educational foundation in Istanbul that started operation in June of 2015 and quickly developed into one of the biggest international school in turkey hosting more than a 1000 students from different parts and backgrounds of the world.

Safir Model United Nations (MUN) team has an established reputation in Istanbul having exceeded expectations ever since their first participation, It's also one of the biggest and earliest non-Turkish multicultural based MUN teams in Istanbul. Safir is proudly hosting its annual conference and opens its doors to students from all over Europe and the Middle East.

Our Team

Heba Azmy

Secretary General

Sary Matar

President of the General Assembly

Saad Alghamdi

Deputy Secretary general

Jod Baatiye

Deputy President of the General Assembly

Osama Elbagory

Public Relation

Hanin Rabie

Head of Public Relation

Lama AlRifai

Public Relation

Bassel Elsheshtawy

Head of IT

Youssef Ashraf

Head of IT

Mayyas Fattouh

Public Relation