SAFIRMUN is a Model United Nations Conference that is annually held in Istanbul since 2019.

Is There a Dress code?
The dress code for SAFIRMUN’20 is formal, including the mock debate and Opening Ceremony. Business attires would be appropriate for female participants, NOTE: Skirts / Dresses shall be at least knee length. Suits, ties and jackets would be appropriate for male participants. It is absolutely not allowed to wear casual clothes.

Where and When is SAFIRMUN 2020 Held?
The conference will be held at Safir International School (Check conference page for details on accomodation), Istanbul, between the dates of 21st and 23rd February 2020 .

What Will I Need to Bring to the Conference?
We encourage you to print out the Study Guide of your committee in order to get prepared. You may also bring your laptop, tablets or electronic devices if available. For international participants, you are advised to bring a spare outfit in case of emergencies.


Who Can Apply?
To apply to SAFIRMUN you need to be at least a 9th grader.

What Is the Deadline for Registration?
The deadline for registration will be announced in later period.

Does SAFIRMUN Provide Refund?
Unfortunately, we do not provide refund.

Are There Any Limits for Delegations?
There is no limitation for the maximum number of delegates in a delegation. However, the Secretariat reserves the right to ask the delegation representative to reduce the total number of delegates in their delegation, due to limited number of seats.

How Many Observers Can Accompany Each Delegation?
SAFIRMUN does not allow Observers However, they can apply as Advisors as there is no limit for the number of advisors a delegation may have,

What If I Need a Visa for Turkey?
We can provide you with a visa letter if necessary.

How Can I Get an Invitation Letter for My School/Institution?
It is enough to send us an email and ask for an invitation letter.